Nation of gamers.

GNation is an ecosystem for the world's 2.4 billion gamers. It's a confederation of gaming companies. It's a high-tech initiative with an audacious vision of reinventing gaming. We have the technology. Come contribute to the vision. The future is ours to make.

More games. Less expense.

With GShare, your PC's surplus computing capacity earns credits you can spend on AAA games and in-game upgrades. Why pay for games when your PC can buy them for you? Best of all, GShare is free.

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This online store delivers the excitement of esports wherever you are, whenever you want - plus top games at great prices.

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What if your computer paid for your gaming habit? With GShare, it can. What will you do with the money you save?

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Our mission

GNation is building a worldwide community of game players and publishers. Join us!

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DetonatioN Gaming
Unity Technologies
Team Secret
Team DetonatioN

In order for esports culture to grow we need to get more people involved. We’ve worked hard to cultivate this community in Japan and that is something that’s been noticed by the rest of the esports community. This partnership only proves that we are on the right path and that we should continue with our endeavors.

Nobuyuki Umezaki, CEO

Unity is known for aggressively adopting new technologies that democratize game development, solve hard problems, and enable success for developers. With GNation, we intend to bring about a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Blockchain solutions will help disintermediate game publishing and give better returns to creators.

Hubert Larenaudi, President for Asia-Pacific

GNation is providing a great service to esports, helping us professionals become more independent and committed to our sport and enhancing the community experience for all. I am very excited that Team Secret will be a part of this movement.


I have seen that GNation is supporting gamers with their products and expanding its involvement to encompass the esports industry. I’m delighted to work with such a company. As a player, I want to achieve awesome results and devote myself to developing this industry alongside GNation.